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Choose CraveBox as your care package partner. Our snacking specialists have created various treat-filled snack boxes, perfect for any person or occasion.

View our entire lineup of CraveBox snack box gifts:


  • CraveBox Deluxe: When you order a 60-count Deluxe gift package for sale online, you’re doing more than crossing a to-do off your gift list. Set the stage for someone to experience a moment of pure delight — followed by pure snacking satisfaction.
  • CraveBox Classic: Surprise your favorite people with a variety snack box with 45 of their favorite goodies. Brighten someone's day in a few clicks. 
  • CraveBox Healthy: The 30-count CraveBox Healthy snack care package includes tasty treasures that are good for you, too. Send these boxes to anyone who loves nutritious foods from top-line brands.
  • CraveBox Deluxe Healthy: When you want your food items to delight in a health-conscious way, order CraveBox Deluxe Healthy packages. These snack box gifts include 40 pre-packaged goodies ready to satisfy.
  • CraveBox Grande: Make an impression when you send a 50-count Grande CraveBox. A snack box delivery shows you care, and our curated picks impress every time.
  • Valentine’s care package: Trust CraveBox’s team to select the tastiest items from top-name manufacturers for this themed variety snack care package. You can choose from 45-count snack care packages or 60-count boxes
  • CraveBox gift cards: Send your loved ones a CraveBox gift card and let them choose their favorite. You can also add a CraveBox gift card to an existing package so your student, relative, friend, colleague or client can order another CraveBox.


Try CraveBox Snack Gift Packages

The next time you need a care — or a self-care —  package, browse CraveBox's snack care packages. We ship food, fun and smiles right to someone’s door. Ideal for anyone from your babysitter to your boss, CraveBoxes allow you to shine as a gift-giver extraordinaire. Surprise someone with a snack box gift now!


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