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Bulk and Corporate Care Packages

When you want to make a big impact, send CraveBoxes in bulk. Buying in larger quantities helps you streamline your purchases and get customer gift packages out quickly. 

Contact our team at info@cravebox.com to set up your next bulk or corporate gift package order. It’s the fastest way to ensure that everyone on your list gets special treats from your business, group or nonprofit.

Why Buy CraveBox Gift Packages in Bulk?

At CraveBox, we bring you the most creatively curated snack gift packages on the planet at extremely low prices. Why should you make your purchases in bulk? We can think of several reasons.


  • Convenience: As long as you have a list of your recipients' information, including their names and addresses, we can handle all the other administrative work. Skip the time spent copying and pasting information. Just let us upload everything and take care of the deliveries from our end.
  • Efficiency: Forget about spending too much time ordering individual CraveBoxes for every person on your gift list. Tell us which options you want and hand over the gifting assignment. This ability frees your team’s time to do what you do best.
  • Versatility: You can buy various CraveBoxes for every person on your corporate or bulk care package list and still benefit from making a large order. You can customize your list and send distinct corporate customer gift boxes to all the people on your list. 
  • Peace of mind: Have you ever realized that you forgot to plan for your special occasion at the last minute? Work with us ahead of time to ensure all the people who deserve corporate snack boxes get them right away.


Partner with CraveBox for all your bulk and corporate orders today!

Delicious, Delightful CraveBoxes for Corporate Giving

Buying wholesale snack packages allows you to show your gratitude to anyone who has a positive impact on your workplace:


  • Clients: Your most loyal customers deserve the best snacking options. Send them CraveBox care packages to show them how much your organization values their business.
  • Employees: Without your loyal employees, your company would lack the terrific products and service you take pride in. Surprise everyone on your team by having CraveBoxes sent to their homes or offices.
  • Vendors: You’ve picked the right vendors carefully to help you meet your business goals. Thank them with corporate gift boxes during the holidays.
  • Volunteers: Does your charity organization rely on the tireless assistance of a thriving volunteer base? Even if you hold special events throughout the year, an unexpected gift package will delight the people who donate their time to your cause.
  • New hires: The newest members of your team need to know that they’ve made the right choice by picking your organization. Deliver corporate gift care packages filled to the top with snacks, and they’ll be happy to be aboard.


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