The Best Birthday Gifts to Send

Did you know people have been celebrating birthdays since ancient times, or that the most common birthday in the U.S. is September 9? Even if you didn't know these factoids, there's one fact we bet you do know — people love getting birthday gifts. 

Gift-giving is a great way to say "happy birthday" when you're celebrating with someone, and it's especially helpful if you can't be with them. Maybe you're planning to celebrate together soon, but in the meantime, you can make someone feel loved on their special day thanks to online stores and delivery companies. We have plenty of gift ideas to help you put a smile on your loved one's face, no matter how far away you are. 

Birthday Gifts for Kids

Is anything more exciting than a birthday when you're young? For a kid, turning a year older is like leveling up, and it comes with some bragging rights. Help make your favorite kiddo's birthday the major event they've looked forward to with a unique gift they can enjoy that day or use to brighten upcoming days. Here are some fun gifts to send in the mail for the birthday kid:

1. Slime-Making Kit

Kids don't care that slime is a non-Newtonian fluid — they just know it's loads of fun. Sparkly slime, fluffy slime, glow-in-the-dark slime, color-changing slime — it's all a blast to play with and even more fun to make. Send a slime-making kit to the special kid in your life to help them get creative. Smaller children can get help from an adult to make their slime. For a birthday, you can even send an ice cream-themed slime kit, complete with sprinkles. 

2. Board Game

Playing a board game can be a great way to spend time and share some laughs with others. As long as you know which games they already have, you can send the birthday boy or girl a new board game to play with a friend or their whole family. Check the age recommendations from the toy company to see whether the board game would be a good choice. And prepare to hear all about how another player's win was definitely due to some serious cheating!

3. Book Series

Books can transport kids anywhere using their imaginations. Younger kids can enjoy picture books read to them by an older kid or adult. Kids around age 7 or 8 and up may start shifting their interest to chapter books targeted at their reading level. Find a popular series that fits the birthday kid's personality, and send them the first few books . That way, if they love the first one, they can jump straight to the next book.

4. Tie-Dye Kit

Creative kids will love a tie-dye kit that comes with some fabric dyes in their favorite colors. Keep in mind these kits don't usually come with the item kids will tie-dye, so consider sending them a white T-shirt, tote bag or another blank canvas for their colorful creation. Of course, they'll want to send you a picture of the results!

5. Flower Growing Kit

Send your favorite little gardener or nature-lover a flower growing kit for their birthday. The kit should come with a container like a pail or pot, along with flower seeds, a growing medium and instructions. There's something amazing about watching a plant grow, and when they see that beautiful flower pop up and bloom, they'll beam with pride!

Instant Film Camera

6. Instant Film Camera

Globally, people take well over a trillion digital photos a year, and so many of those photos stay on phones and tablets, never to see the light of day. That's why instant film cameras have made a comeback. Each picture you take instantly prints, capturing the memory in a way that can be proudly displayed. Kids will think this is nothing short of amazing, and adults will chuckle at their fascination with analog tech! 

7. Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles can give a kid's brain a good workout and make for a great rainy day activity. The same goes for any adult helpers who join in. Today, jigsaw puzzles have gotten a serious facelift, with some featuring unique artwork kids will want to frame and put up in their room. Another cool option is to take a photo of the birthday kiddo and have it turned into a custom jigsaw. 

8. Pajamas

Who doesn't get excited for a new pair of pajamas that are a perfect combo of comfy and stylish? You might get jealous as you look through the kids' pajamas section online or at your local department store and wonder why you don't get to dress up as your favorite superhero every night! Find a pair with some cartoon characters or a design the birthday boy or girl will love, and throw in a fuzzy pair of slippers to complete the look.

9. Game Controller

If you know the type of gaming system the birthday kid owns, consider getting them a new controller. Extra controllers are great when you want to play with friends — something they may want to do on their birthday. And even if they don't need a new controller, they'll still consider it a major upgrade if it's colorful or features a favorite character. Goodbye plain gray controller!

Birthday Gifts for Adults

Birthdays may not be as exciting for adults as they are for kids, but they make for a great excuse to shower your relative, friend or sweetheart with some love and appreciation. A birthday delivery from you can turn even a boring Monday birthday spent at work into the best day ever. So what can you send to infuse their day with some fun? Here are a few birthday gifts to send in the mail that can make anyone feel special:

1. Cocktail Kit

Skip the boring birthday gift baskets and send your friend a cocktail kit for their birthday. This kit should come with the booze and all the fixings needed to make your friend feel like a real mixologist. Look for a set that also includes a cocktail shaker if they don't have one at home. These kits are perfect for helping your friend toast to the next year of their lives.

2. Coffee Gift Card

For the caffeine addict, send a gift card to their favorite cafe. You may even want to package it with some fun coffee-themed gifts like a travel thermos or mug. This gift is the perfect excuse for your friend to treat themselves on their birthday. They may even splurge on that large mocha with chocolate drizzle instead of their usual coffee or cold brew.

Spa Gift Set

3. Spa Gift Set

In one survey, a third of the respondents said they took on fewer responsibilities on their birthday. Whether your friend is planning a day of some much-needed rest and relaxation or they're among the majority of people who work just as hard on their birthday, send them a spa gift basket to help them treat themselves. Birthdays are for bath bombs, mud masks, candles — the whole nine yards.

4. Bath Tray

Another self-care gift for the birthday king or queen who loves a good bubble bath is a bamboo bath tray. These trays are made to fit onto the bath so the bather can prop up a book, burn a candle or set their glass of wine on the tray while they soak. This gift will turn your friend's bathroom into a luxurious escape — just what they need on their birthday.

5. Floral Bouquet

There's something to be said for this classic gift. A fresh bouquet of flowers at the door with a little note letting the birthday person know how much they mean to you is sure to brighten their day. If you don't know the birthday person's favorite flower, try to ask casually at some point. Or, just go with their favorite color to give a bouquet that feels personal.

6. Personalized Tumbler

If your friend is among the more than three-quarters of people who don't drink enough water on a typical workday, help them stay hydrated in style. Order a water bottle or tumbler with their name on it and with a color or design they'll love. Maybe this means finding a tumbler with their favorite sports team logo or a bold print. They already have boring cups and water bottles they don't use, so make this one fun!

7. Long-Distance Touch Lamp

For the bestie or sweetheart who lives far away, there are lots of ways to stay connected digitally. But there's something uniquely cool about this gift. You get a lantern-style lamp, and so do they. Each of you can control both lamps by touching them, turning the lamp a different color. It's a colorful and sweet way to know you're thinking of each other at any time of the day or night.

8. Photo Gift

Have a favorite photo of the two of you? What about one from years ago that brings back some great memories? Have it printed on a canvas, a mug, tote bag or refrigerator magnet. You can even add a caption to complete the design. This is a great choice when nothing will do but a unique birthday gift delivery that feels 100% personal. 

9. Astrology Jewelry

Some people hardly know their own astrological sign, while others couldn't imagine dating a Scorpio since they're a Gemini. Wherever your friend falls on the spectrum — but especially if they want everyone to know their sign — give them a bracelet or necklace that features the right constellation or Zodiac symbol for their birthday. This is a great option for a gift that feels personalized without having to order weeks in advance for customization.

10. Desk Globe

For the friend who needs to spruce up their office, whether that's at home or their workplace, get them a cool desk globe. This is a classic decoration that complements pretty much any style of decor, so you can be sure it will enhance the look of their desk or bookshelf. Some of these globes even come with pins so your globetrotting friend can mark the spots they've traveled to or where they would love to visit someday. Just make sure they bring you along!

The Perfect Birthday Gift for All Ages — A Snack Care Package

The Perfect Birthday Gift for All Ages — A Snack Care Package

Whether the birthday star is turning 3 or 93, there's one thing you know they'll love — snacks. Imagine the excitement anyone feels when they get a package addressed to them in the mail on their birthday. Now imagine how that excitement will explode when they open the box to find dozens of their favorite snacks. It's time for a happy dance, followed by a snack break.

CraveBoxes come in a variety of options, including classic combinations of treats like:

  • Popcorn
  • Granola bars
  • Crackers
  • Fruit snacks
  • Rice cereal treats
  • Chips
  • Cookies
  • Candy

You can also choose a healthy box that cuts the candy and includes some healthier snacks like veggie straws. These boxes are bursting with variety and yumminess, and even include some healthier sweets like fruit snacks and graham crackers, so either option will get any kid or adult excited. 

A snack care package is also a great way to be there in spirit for a birthday party you can't attend. With boxes including 30-60 items, there's plenty to share with family and friends. Dump the contents of the box on the party table, and see the kids go wide-eyed. They'll have plenty of fuel for playtime or those late-night slumber party antics. 

Adults love snack packages because they can help them get out of their usual snack routine and enjoy more variety. It's probably been a while since they bought fruit snacks for themselves, for instance, but now they can rediscover the simple joys of colorful, flavor-packed snacks. They can bring snacks with them on the go or simply enjoy them at home while they watch a movie with the family or binge their favorite series without any interruptions — it's their call! There's plenty to last them throughout their birthday week and beyond.

Order a CraveBox — One of the Best Birthday Gifts Out There

Order a CraveBox — One of the Best Birthday Gifts Out There

A birthday gift box delivery is a sure win when you want to help someone celebrate. There are so many possible gifts to send to friends for their birthdays, so shopping can feel overwhelming. There's no need to overcomplicate it, though. 

Nothing beats a CraveBox, especially for snack enthusiasts. Whether it's a kid having a big birthday bash or an adult who has to work on their birthday, you can make the day more special by sending them a CraveBox. Pick out your box and place an order online today!

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