Best Gifts for a Health Nut

Finding the perfect gift, whether it's your loved one's birthday, wedding, baby shower or because you simply want to show you care, can be challenging. Even if you've known the person for years or all your life, you could draw a blank on what to give them or worry they won't like what you choose. 

If the person you're giving a gift to is a fitness lover, it can be more difficult because you know something like an ice cream gift card is likely out of the question. We understand what it's like trying to find a good gift, which is why we've curated this list of the best gifts for health nuts.

Gift Ideas for a Health-Conscious Person

Giving gifts to those you care about is a kind way to show that you're thinking of them, especially if you live far away from each other. No matter how old you are, everyone loves getting packages in the mail. Get inspired with this list of gift ideas for an active person that you can easily ship in a care package.

1. A Photo Album

With the ease of having photos so readily taken and posted to social media platforms, having a photo album may seem outdated. Even though your friends or family members can scroll through their camera roll on their phones or on social media, there's something special about compiling a collection of photos in a book. What's more special is to add stories or funny memories in text surrounding the photos. 

Maybe you and your active friend have gone on hiking or biking adventures before. Or maybe they've got plenty of action shots of them practicing and playing their favorite sport. Either way, a customized photo album or photo book lets your loved one relive the memories and plan for new activities in the future.

2. A Healthy Recipes Cookbook

It's pretty safe to assume that people who are active or consider themselves as health nuts enjoy cooking. They are probably always pinning new recipes on Pinterest they want to try. So why not get them a healthy cookbook that's filled with delicious and new recipes they're sure to love? They'll likely think of you whenever they make something from the cookbook.

3. Kitchen Gadgets


Combine kitchen supplies with a cookbook to create the best gift for healthy eaters, or put together a gift basket of kitchen gadgets and supplies. Healthy people love making healthy food, which means they have some pretty fancy appliances in their kitchen. Chances are, they don't have all the gadgets out there and would love to add to their collection. Consider popular kitchen gifts for the health-obsessed person in your life, like:


  • A spiralizer: If your health-conscious person is cutting carbs, a spiralizer lets them create noodles out of vegetables like zucchini. You can find manual models that spiralize by hand or attachments for kitchen gadgets like stand mixers.
  • A blender: A powerful blender is perfect for your health-obsessed gift recipient. They can whiz up smoothies, hummus and healthy homemade sauces with ease.
  • Storage containers: If the healthy eater you know loves to meal prep, get them stylish yet practical storage containers. Stackable ones are great for keeping a week's worth of lunches in the fridge, while a range of sizes is perfect for prepping meals in bulk.

4. An Essential Oil Diffuser

The perfect gift to include in a care package for healthy living is an essential oil diffuser. People don't even have to be health-conscious to love these relaxing diffusers. But diffusers are great to use when meditating, doing yoga or cleaning the house. Who doesn't like relaxing, therapeutic scents filling the air? 

You can find diffusers at any local store or online. Getting one with LED lights that change colors is a nice added touch to increase the relaxing vibes. Create a bundle care package by adding essential oils for the diffuser, like:


  • Peppermint oil, thought to benefit athletic performance
  • Lavender oil, perfect for relaxing after a day of being active
  • Citrus oils, great for energizing your gift recipient for a day of exercise
  • Eucalyptus oil, useful for eliminating odors in a home gym 


5. A Tumbler or Water Bottle

A study found that more than 80% of Americans say they don't drink enough water. That's all the more reason to get your active loved one a water bottle or tumbler. There are countless designs and brands you can choose from. Look into options like:


  • A well-insulated bottle that keeps ice frozen for a long gym session
  • A large yet ergonomic bottle that's great for long hiking or biking trips
  • A personalized tumbler that will stand out from their gym buddy's


6. Yoga Supplies

Many healthy people enjoy doing different types of exercise. Yoga is a widely loved form to work out your body that also promotes wellness of the mind. Create one of the best care packages for healthy people with yoga supplies like:


  • Yoga dice, which randomizes poses to try
  • A yoga mat
  • Yoga bands
  • Support blocks

7. Workout Clothes

Help your fitness fanatic friend or family member skip a laundry day with the gift of more workout clothing. If your loved one is a health nut who works out almost every day, they'll appreciate having more workout clothes in their rotation. Look for breathable fabrics in clothing like:


  • Joggers or leggings
  • T-shirts or tank tops
  • Outerwear for running, hiking or biking
  • A variety of workout socks


Not sure of their size? You can always include a gift card to a sporting goods store with your other gifts for fitness lovers as a thoughtful bonus.


8. A Healthy CraveBox Care Package


It's no surprise that fitness lovers would be delighted to get food in a care package. Choose a care package of healthy snacks from CraveBox to let your loved one indulge in sweet and salty treats without the guilt.

At CraveBox, we provide a variety of healthy options that you can even buy in bulk orders. Check out our boxes that come in several sizes of 30 healthy snacks40 healthy snacks and our deluxe CraveBox full of gourmet brands!

CraveBox: The Perfect Gift for Any Healthy Person 

There are lots of gifts you can give a health nut in a care package. The stress of choosing a gift and sending it to those you care about is made completely easy when you choose to use CraveBox. Our snack gift boxes are perfect for any occasion. You can send our boxes to office colleagues, employees, college students, family members, friends or people serving in the military. We have several options you can choose from that also have allergy-friendly snacks inside, too. 

Order your CraveBox today! If you have any questions about our process, delivery times or shipping costs, please feel free to reach out



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