Best Corporate Gifts for Your Company

Corporate gifts can be a great way to show employees, business partners and clients that you care. In a 2020 study on corporate gifting, over two-thirds of respondents who had received a memorable gift box or basket said it led to a stronger relationship between them and the business. Employees and coworkers also appreciate getting gifts, but some items are much better received than others. More than 8 in 10 employees say they've received a workplace gift they didn't want.

It truly is the thought that counts when it comes to the best corporate gifts. So how can you show you care with gifts people will actually love? We've got 20 classic and unique corporate gift ideas to help you make the right impression and show your appreciation.

Tech Gifts

Tech gadgets and accessories are a popular choice when it comes to gift-giving. During the 2019 end-of-year holiday season, nearly three-quarters of American adults said they planned to give a tech gift to someone that year. One of the great things about technology gifts is that they come in a broad range of price points. If you're sticking to a tight gifting budget, you can choose affordable accessories designed to complement the tech your employees or clients already have. 

Here are a few ideas for tech gifts that are sure to be a hit:

Wireless Earbuds

Wireless smart headphones are a convenient alternative to wired headphones, especially when you want to jam out while going for a run or working out at the gym. True wireless earbuds can be relatively expensive when you purchase them from well-known brands, so this gift is a good choice when you want to spend a bit more. Consider this as more of a VIP gift given to just a few people rather than to all your employees. 

Portable Phone Charger

Portable Phone Charger

Everyone knows what it's like to be out and see their phone battery is getting dangerously low. In today's mobile-dependent world, a dead cellphone or tablet can feel like a crisis. You can become the superhero in this scenario by giving your employees a portable charger. Make sure you choose a charger that's compact and lightweight so people can conveniently keep it in their purse or briefcase.

Phone Grips and Stands

Not all tech gifts actually need to be a piece of tech. If you're looking for a more affordable gift you can give to a lot of people, consider a phone grip or a phone stand. These accessories are extremely practical and can also add some style to a person's phone. Because they're small, they make a nice addition to a gift basket or swag bag.

Consider going with a neutral, solid color for these phone accessories. That'll ensure more of your recipients want to use your gift.

Lap Desk

As an increased number of employees are teleworking, they may find themselves ditching the desk or table from time to time to work from their couch. Lap desks are great employee gifts that make working on a laptop more comfortable and give the laptop a level surface to rest on. These accessories come in various stylish colors and designs and can also include mouse pads and phone stands.

Wearable Gifts

Apparel and accessories are both practical and stylish, so they're a win-win for your employees or clients. Many companies like to put their logo or other branding on wearable gifts, but this tends to be a better choice for swag giveaways than for holiday or appreciation gifts. Multiple surveys have found most employees prefer to get gifts without their company logo since this makes it feel like marketing collateral rather than a gift. Instead, opt for neutral colors that everyone will appreciate. Here are some wearable gifts to consider:


Slippers are a great wintertime gift since they keep your feet cozy when you're around the house. Of course, some of your recipients may already have a pair of slippers, so the key is to get them a pair they'll love more than the ones they have. 

Go for a pair of high-quality slippers that offer great comfort and support for those work-from-home days. Or you may want to upgrade to heated slippers for luxurious, VIP business gifts. 


Employees may have gotten free T-shirts from your company, but other pieces of apparel feel like more of a gift-worthy splurge. One of those items is a name-brand fleece jacket or windbreaker. Just be sure to get the sizing right so every recipient is thrilled with their gift. On a jacket, you may be able to include more subtle branding that recipients appreciate. Consider adding a small embroidered logo in a similar color as the jacket, for example.


A good summertime gift for your employees, partners or clients is a pair of sunglasses. We're not talking about the bulk order plastic sunglasses you may have given away at an event in the past. For corporate gifting, choose a high-end pair of fashionable sunglasses. 

One of the nice things about sunglasses and other accessory gifts is that they typically don't come in different sizes and they can be unisex. This versatility makes it a bit easier to give them as gifts.

Custom Socks

Another fun accessory at a lower price point is a pair of socks. Grandma may already have the hand-knitted or plain white socks covered, but you can surprise your employees with fun custom socks. Feel free to include your branding here, but only if you do so in a creative way. You can also personalize each pair of socks for the recipient if you really want to put a smile on their face and on their feet.

On-The-Go Gifts

Giving people a gift they'll use time and time again is beneficial for both your recipients and for your company. That's because each time an employee or business partner pulls out one of these practical gifts, they're likely to think of your business and associate you with thoughtfulness and helpfulness. Some great business gifts for travel or on-the-go individuals include:

Drink Container

Water bottles and thermoses are a popular freebie item, but these giveaways tend to be the most affordable versions of these products available. Wow your gift recipients with a high-end water bottle or thermos. Look for bottles with sleek designs made from quality materials. Natural accents like wood or marble patterns are a popular design trend to consider. You can also wow with a thermos that keeps drinks hot for an extended time.


Travel is a popular hobby, and many employees travel for work, as well. In 2019, American workers took 464 million domestic business trips. People often travel with luggage they've had for many years. Why not treat them to an upgrade in both style and function? A hard-shell pilot case, for example, is a durable and stylish option for carry-on luggage. You can also opt for a duffle bag with some understated branding, either in the colors or an embroidered logo.

Toiletry Bag

Another item people can use during travel or on the go in everyday life is a toiletry bag. These bags make it easy to organize makeup, hair styling products, shaving supplies and other personal care items. Parents may even keep a bag in the car for practical items like wet wipes and bandages. As with the luggage, you can feature some subtle branding on this bag. You can also personalize it for each recipient with their initials if you have more room in your gifting budget.

Daily Planner

Daily Planner

Analog tools for scheduling have made a resurgence as some people enjoy a break from technology for basic tasks. A planner is a nice choice for end-of-year holidays or New Year's since people can get a lot of use out of them the following year. Depending on your budget, you could choose a simple pocket planner or a designer planner people may be more likely to keep on their desk. You can even choose a planner that includes space for journaling and note-taking.

Experience Gifts

Some gifts come with an experiential component. The most popular reason people give gifts of experience is to help the recipient create a special memory. Another popular reason is that these gifts are unique. These are both excellent reasons to choose an experiential gift. Plus, experiential gifts are especially appreciated by minimalistic employees who like to avoid adding more stuff to their homes. Here are just a few ideas for experience gifts your associates and VIPs will love: 

DIY Kits

There are a variety of fun do-it-yourself kits on the market that can help you make your own beer, wine, hot sauce, candy, soap, artwork and more. These kits should include step-by-step instructions and all the supplies recipients need, save for some basic household items people should already have on hand. 

DIY kits are more than fun in the moment — they give your gift recipients a fun memory they can associate with your company. Think about your clientele base or employers when you select kits. If a majority of them have kids, for instance, you might choose a kit they could enjoy as a family.

Massage or Spa Gift Certificate

Corporate gifting surveys have found that gift cards can be hit or miss — many people end up with cards they forget about or aren't interested in using. Gift cards can still be a great choice, as long as you choose a gift card for something that feels like a splurge. A great example of this is a gift card to a local spa or massage parlor. Employees or clients will associate that relaxing and rejuvenating experience with your company.

You might also try to select a business that sells products in addition to services. See if a gift card could cover spa goodies or packages, giving your recipients more flexibility. They then have the option to pamper themselves at home or at the business itself.

At-Home Pampering Kit

Help your employees unwind and practice some self-care with a pampering kit they can use at home. Include a foot spa and some therapeutic foot soak powder, for instance. Or it could include some luxurious soaps, lotions and creams. When it comes to personal care products, be sure to choose ones that feel like a splurge rather than basic products people would buy for themselves at the drugstore. 

Local or Online Classes

Everyone enjoys learning a new skill, but they may not want to spend the money on a class to help them get started or take their knowledge to the next level. If you're looking for more personalized employee gift ideas, ask your employees what they want to learn, then pay for them to take a class on the subject, either from a local organization or online. You might offer something like two months of music lessons or a subscription to language learning software.

If you're giving this gift to employees, consider choosing something unrelated to the business you do. Your employees may feel like their gift is an extension of work in that case. Instead, go for hobbies or skills unrelated to your line of work.

Food and Drink Gifts

Food and Drink Gifts

Finding a product to please everyone can be difficult, but one thing nearly everyone has in common is a love for delicious food and drinks. It's no wonder that consumable gifts are so popular. Food and drink gifts are a great option for the holidays or when you want to say thank you. Surprise people with something delicious and strengthen their relationship with your company when you give these items:

Top-Quality Alcohol

Alcohol is a popular choice for gift-giving, especially when it's something that feels special. This high-end option could be an expensive bottle of bourbon or wine or a mixology kit, for example. Consider asking employees or clients beforehand to find out what their drink of choice is or whether they drink alcohol. A gift of alcohol may be lost on some people if they don't drink for health, religious or preferential reasons. In that case, you could go with high-quality, non-alcoholic beverages as a gift.

Coffee Subscription

Add some interest to employees' morning coffee routines by gifting them high-quality blends or single-origin coffee beans to try. A fun delivery method for this gift is a coffee subscription box. Recipients can receive a new variety of coffee to try for as many months as you've paid for. If employees are trying the same varieties together each month, it can also give them a fun topic to discuss at work.

Bakery Gift Card

Consider getting gift cards to a local bakery or donut shop your employees or customers love. This gift is an especially good choice for birthdays or celebratory occasions that call for a sweet treat. As office parties become less common, this is a great alternative to still acknowledge employees' special occasions.

Care Package of Snacks

Who doesn't love snacks? Granola bars, candy, crackers, popcorn, cookies and more — they're all tasty options to take on the road or enjoy as a pick-me-up at the office or at home. What's even better than receiving any one of these snacks is getting a box filled with a variety of all the above. Send your employees or clients a snack-filled care package and bring a smile to their faces and any family members who are eager to share. 

All too often, companies default to lackluster gift baskets with a blasé arrangement of olives, marmalade and summer sausage, for instance. These gift baskets may feel more formal, but they aren't getting anyone excited. A brightly colored assortment of people's favorite snacks — the snacks they really wish they had stashed in their desk drawer or pantry — now that's another story. 

Your employees or business partners will feel like kids again as they pull out craveable favorites like fruit snacks or graham crackers. Sending a gift like CraveBox can help you make a more memorable impression than you ever could with that stuffy gift basket. Plus, these snack-filled care packages are often more affordable than those conventional gift baskets, and you can ship them straight to your employees so they receive them at home. They'll be in for a sweet surprise!

When you choose CraveBox for your corporate gift, you can choose from a variety of options to give your employees, clients or partners. Select a classic CraveBox for a mix of sweet and salty treats everyone is sure to enjoy. If you've got a more health-conscious clientele base, go for the healthy CraveBox. Need a VIP gift for a special customer or an employee that's gone above and beyond? Check out the deluxe gift box options to truly show your appreciation.

Give a Tasty and Memorable Gift With CraveBox

Give a Tasty and Memorable Gift With CraveBox

When you want to gift your employees, clients, boss or business associates with a gift that's fun, delicious and memorable, give them a care package from CraveBox. Our care packages are brimming with some of the most popular name-brand snacks and candies that individuals and families are sure to love. Imagine being surprised with a package at your doorstep filled with both sweet and savory treats you can unwrap and enjoy over the coming days or even weeks. Browse through our care package options online and place an order today!

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