Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is the perfect occasion to let the dads in your life know how much they're loved and appreciated. In addition to spending some quality time, calling your dad or sending a card, you're probably also planning to show your appreciation with a gift. In 2020, U.S. shoppers spent around $17 billion on Father's Day. So, what are people getting their dads? 

The top consideration people factor in when looking for a Father's Day gift is finding something unique or different. You don't want to give Dad a knockoff of last year's gift or something that feels generic. To wow Dad, look for a gift that really fits his personality and preferences. We've got 25 great Father's Day gift ideas to help you find the perfect way to make Dad feel special this year. 

Cool Gifts to Keep Dad Looking Stylish

Clothing is near the top of the list of how much the average consumer planned to spend on Father's day gifts in 2020. Apparel and accessories are popular options for dads, and for good reason — dads may need a little help from time to time to freshen up their wardrobe. Consider these options to help Dad look his best:


  • Ties: Ties are a classic Father's day gift. Especially if Dad's tie collection includes some that are older than you, it may be time for something new that will take his work or date night outfits to the next level. If your dad's style defies the ordinary, look online for some novelty ties to fit his interests and personality. For example, a dad who plays guitar will love a tie that looks like a fretboard. 
  • Personalized T-shirt: Does a dad in your life have a saying or slogan that defines him? Or maybe it's a favorite joke. Whatever it is, get it on a tee for a creative gift that's totally personalized. You can also personalize a shirt with the names of his kids or grandkids, declaring that he is, in fact, the No. 1 dad.
  • Team apparel: Sports apparel is a simple Father's Day gift, but it's a popular choice for a reason. Sports fans can never have too many items to show off their team spirit — whether it's a hat, jersey, polo, tee or jacket. You can also find accessories, like wallets and watches, with more subtle team branding.
  • Shaving kit or beard care: Pampering products aren't just for Mother's Day! For a clean-shaven guy, help him pamper himself with a nice shaving kit. Or, for the dad who's proud of his beard, help him keep it looking shiny and healthy with a beard care kit or a trimmer.

Gadgets for the techie dad.

Gadgets for the Techie Dad

What dad doesn't love a new gadget to make life more convenient? Tech gifts can be a bit more expensive than some others, though you can usually find various brands and options to stay within your budget. Whether a dad in your life is a total techie or considers himself technology-challenged, he's likely to be a fan of these devices:


  • Wireless charging station: A wireless charging station can be a great accessory for Dad's nightstand or desk. These stations make it convenient to stay powered up at all times. Some of these charging stations can now also sanitize your electronic devices. The future is here!
  • Smartwatch: Smartwatch sales rise every year. These watches typically feature touchscreens and connect to the internet. They can be helpful for active people, especially since they make it easy to receive calls and texts while running or doing other activities. Plus, a smartwatch can also double as a fitness tracker.
  • Noise-canceling headphones: A pair of wireless, noise-canceling headphones is perfect when Dad wants to listen to the radio or his favorite playlist while mowing or doing other noisy tasks.
  • Smart thermostat: Dads are known for policing the thermostat like champs, so imagine hooking Dad up with a smart thermostat he can control from his phone. Smart thermostats allow you to change heat and air conditioning settings remotely so your house is always the perfect temperature and so you can save energy. 

Handy Gifts for the Outdoorsman

If your dad loves the great outdoors, help him enjoy his favorite activities — camping, hunting, fishing, boating or anything else — with some new tools. These gifts can help your dad or another dad in your life make the most of his time in nature:

  • Hammock: Lying in a hammock may be the perfect way to relax outdoors. Whether it's a hammock on a stand for the backyard or a camping hammock for outdoor adventures, this can be a great gift to help Dad enjoy some time outside. 
  • Survival kit: For the dad who enjoys camping or hiking, give him a survival kit. These kits include items like paracord bracelets, emergency blankets, fire starters and other essentials you would need to survive in the wilderness. Hopefully, he won't run into one of these survival scenarios, but he'll feel more prepared and like a real tough guy out on the trail with this gift.
  • Cooler chair combo: Help Dad pop a squat and enjoy a cold one wherever he is — whether that's camping, picnicking or tailgating — with a cooler combined with a camping chair. Some are even designed like backpacks so Dad can easily carry them around. 
  • Waterproof phone case: A capsized canoe can be a fun memory or a stressful one, depending on whether Dad's phone fries. Waterproof phone cases can keep your dad's phone protected from accidental water damage when he's gone fishing or boating. 


Tools and accessories for the DIY dad.

Tools and Accessories for the DIY Dad

If your dad wears the "handyman" title with pride, a trip to the hardware store may be in order. If you're like most people, though, you probably don't know what tools your dad already has, so how can you know what new tools he would love to get? Instead of getting him a wrench set that's identical to one he already has, consider these practical gifts for Dad that will help him get the job done:

  • Toolbox or bag: Are your dad's tools strewn all over his workbench or throughout the house? Get him a toolbox or bag with all the room and compartments he needs to keep his tools well-organized. For the dad who has a lot of tools, you may want to purchase a tool cabinet with drawers.
  • Engraved pocket knife: If your dad is never without a pocket knife, consider upgrading him to a personalized one. Online stores and local artisans can engrave messages straight from the heart so your dad feels loved whenever he has to cut open a box or whittle something. 
  • Magnetic pickup tool: Help Dad avoid frustration on projects with a magnetic pickup tool. These tools will help him find and grab small items like screws, nails, nuts and bolts that always seem to have a habit of getting away from him.
  • LED work light: An LED work light is an excellent addition to the garage, shed, basement or any other workspace since it makes it easier for your dad to see what he's doing. This gift would be ideal for a dad who spends time working on cars. Set the light up and shine it wherever he needs to see — no need to juggle a flashlight. 

Gifts for the Dad Who Loves to Cook

Some dads consider the kitchen or the grill their domain. For the dad who loves creating delicious meals for the family, cooking tools are a definite win. Here are a few gift ideas to help your dad feel like a chef-extraordinaire:


  • Knife sharpener: Knives get dull over time, and it makes all that slicing, dicing and fileting more laborious. You could get Dad a new set of knives, but why not help him restore the knives he already has? With a knife sharpener, Dad can perfectly butterfly pork chops or chop veggies and wonder how he ever did it before with dull knives.
  • Grilling utensils: Grill masters deserve a quality set of tools. Consider getting Dad a brush to keep the grill clean and some heavy-duty utensils like a spatula and tongs. Make sure you get ones that are made for the grill so they can stand up to the heat and are long enough for good reach. You can also get Dad other grilling accessories like some heat-resistant grilling gloves.
  • Jerky making kit: If Dad enjoys trying new recipes, get him a kit to help him make something he can enjoy and share with friends. A jerky-making kit comes with the seasonings and curing agents needed to make delicious jerky at home. Some also include tools to help with the process. All your dad needs to do is buy some of his favorite meat and get going. 
  • Cooling pint glass: A cold beer is an essential ingredient in some cases, not for the food but for the chef! Help Dad enjoy barbecuing in the backyard with a cooling pint glass. These glasses go in the fridge and come out perfectly chilled and frosty. Dad can pour in his favorite brew, and it will stay ice-cold, no matter how warm it is outside. 


Experiential Gifts to Give Dad a Fun Time

In 2020, the average consumer planned to spend more on special outings than any other Father's Day gift. Experiential gifts are a smart choice for dads who already seem to have everything they need or want. Here are a few ideas for experiential gifts dads love:


  • Round of golf: If your dad enjoys teeing off now and again but doesn't have a golf membership, get him a day pass or a round of golf at the local course. Better yet, convince the kids of your dad's golfing buddy to do the same so they can enjoy a day on the green together. Or, if you want to go in together with others for a big splurge, you could look into a golf club membership.
  • Steakhouse gift card: Dad may be used to footing the bill most of the time, but he won't have to when you give him a gift card to his favorite steakhouse. He'll start dreaming about that perfect porterhouse or ribeye as soon as he sets his eyes on the card! Gift cards can feel impersonal sometimes, but not when they're for a place you know your dad loves and will look forward to visiting.
  • Concert tickets: See if any of Dad's favorite bands will be in your area this summer, and snag him a couple of tickets so he can enjoy a fun night out with his special someone or a friend. If your dad's favorite singers or bands are no longer around, see if there's a tribute band or performer that could transport him back in time.
  • Sports tickets: For the dad who's a sports fanatic, what could be better than some terrific seats at an upcoming game? Watching on TV is great, but it's just not the same — the smell of nachos and stadium dogs and the excitement of chants and cheers takes the experience to another level. Look for home game tickets, or make the tickets part of a weekend getaway gift. 

Consider getting a care package for dad.

Snack Packages to Satisfy Dad's Cravings

What dad doesn't love snacks? Come to think of it, what person doesn't love snacks? Edible gifts are always a hit, especially if they include some of Dad's favorites to satisfy his cravings. Consider getting Dad a care package full of a variety of different snacks, both sweet and salty. He can take some snacks in the car, on the boat, on a camping trip, to the office or wherever else he finds himself — the couch is fine, too! Wherever he goes, a CraveBox is sure to satisfy.

Go for a classic box that includes a fantastic combo of cookies and candy along with salty snacks like popcorn and crackers. Or, for the health-conscious dad, choose a healthy box, which is still packed with delicious snacks but includes nutritious and low-sugar snacks Dad can enjoy guilt-free. Whatever box you choose, your dad, your partner, your grandfather — whoever you want to celebrate this Father's Day — will have a blast unpacking their box and discovering all the variety. 

A CraveBox is also an ideal gift idea for those who can't see their dad on Father's Day since they can have it shipped right to Dad's front door. Getting a snack-filled care package makes for a fun surprise that will be the highlight of his day and will continue to brighten his week as he rips into new goodies each day. 

Celebrate the dad in your life with a CRAVEBOX.

Celebrate the Dads in Your Life With CraveBox

A CraveBox is the ultimate Father's Day gift. You may not know whether Dad will really like any of those gifts the department store is pushing you to buy, but you do know he loves snacks. Skip the generic Father's Day gifts at the store and surprise Dad with a care package from CraveBox. Choose the right box for your dad, whether that's a classic box or a healthy box, and choose the size that fits your price point. CraveBox will send your dad's box straight to him. 

Just be ready for that excited phone call when he finds out all these goodies are from you! Shop our online store today to find the perfect gift for Father's Day.

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